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Digital Publishing Online Intensive: Stellar Lineup of Experts!

Guy Kawasaki

If you are an online entrepreneur or author who is interested in learning how to create, market and monetize your digital content—and these days, who isn't?—you should strongly consider attending the LIVE Digital Publishing Online Intensive beginning March 6th…

BREAKING NEWS: Tech guru, author and former Apple Product Evangelist Guy Kawasaki has just been announced as the Keynote Speaker…

Plus, these 12 expert faculty members will deliver the very best training in a dozen in-depth webinars. I've taken classes from many of them, and it's an absolutely stellar lineup of instructors. The presentations include:

  • Kathleen Gage – Internet Marketing Mentor
  • Lynne Klippel – Expert Book Coach & Publisher
  • Laura West – The Creative Thought Leader
  • Daniel Hall – Serial Entrepreneur and Webinar Master
  • D'vorah Lansky – Book Marketing Expert
  • Lou Bortone – The Video Master
  • Marnie Pehrson – Founder of Ignite Point
  • Sue Painter, The Confident Marketer
  • Jim Kukral – Best-Selling Marketing Author & Professional Speaker
  • Bob Jenkins – Internet Marketing Business Teacher
  • Kristen Eckstein – Expert Publishing Consultant
  • Nina Amir – Inspiration to Creation Coach

This Digital Publishing Online Intensive is like no other you've ever attended…

You'll walk away from each training webinar with concise, powerful, effective digital published strategies…and practical information that you can implement right away to help you create, publish and monetize your digital content…whether you are an experienced digital publisher or a newbie…

And don't worry, there will be plenty of information for new business owners as well as more advanced strategies for you experienced folks…

All you have to do is click on the link below to purchase your ticket and reserve your seat now for a savings of $250 today (until 2/2/13, then it goes up but is still a great value)…

but do it now…

Don't let this opportunity to learn how to create, market and monetize your digital content pass you buy

To your success in 2013 and beyond!


Elizabeth Cottrell

P.S. Plus, you'll get access to our private and exclusive Facebook Group, just for attendees, so you can ask questions, share resources, network with your colleagues, and…

AND get a Free copy of Guy Kawasaki's new book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur with your ticket…

Reserve your seat now, as the price goes up Feb 2nd! (and yes, all sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live)


[stextbox id=”info”]Promotion Alert: Yes, I'm promoting this and have already signed up to attend myself. I wouldn't miss this combination of experts for any price.[/stextbox]

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Vote For Your Favorite Self-Publishing Blog

Contest Finalists

Here, straight from an announcement by  on The Future of Ink website, are the finalists for The Future of Ink's “Top 10 Self-Publishing Blogs 2012” Contest. Their Judges include founder Guy Kawasaki, Smashwords founder Mark Coker and Internet marketing veteran Jim Edwards.

Head shots of Guy Kawasaki, Mark Coker, and Jim Edwards

How the Winners will be Selected:

All finalists will be judged on:

1) the quality of their content
2) the frequency of their posts
3) reader involvement and…
4) their blog’s ranking (in that order).

The judges will decide the final winners.

The Future of Ink will announce the winners soon, so head on over and subscribe to their blog so you won't miss the announcement.

In the meantime, please look for your favorite self-publishing blog among the finalists below and give it a “thumbs up.” Of course your comments are welcome too, either here or on The Future of Ink site.

[listly id=”2PS” layout=”full”]

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Before you hit the SEND button…

I'm thrilled about the opportunities opening up for entrepreneurs to embrace digital publishing and get their message out into the world, but I've just written an important warning to aspiring digital content authors. It has been featured at The Future of Ink, and I'm honored to be a guest author there this week. The Future of Ink is an exciting new website dedicated to teaching and promoting best practices for entrepreneurs in the rapidly developing world of digital publishing.

Hop on over and read my post: 10 Essential Steps To Take Before Publishing Your Digital Content. While you're there, please leave a comment! I'd especially love to hear your own ideas for things to add to my checklist.

Thank you to Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman for having me as a guest, and to those who've already left comments.

Photo credit: Alexey Milaev via BigStock
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Learn how to publish an ebook to Kindle in 48 hours!

Boost your visibility and add an income stream

There's nothing like having an ebook on Amazon's Kindle program to establish your expertise and create an additional income stream (small, perhaps, but it adds up). I just listened to an amazing webinar on how to do this and I want to share it with you.

If you have a blog, or if you've written articles or columns in the past, you already have lots of great content. Now how do you get it in front of a huge audience that will actually pay for it? is the biggest ecommerce site on the Web with millions of customers EVERY DAY. Why not get your best content in front of a slew of new eyeballs who are looking for the solutions you provide? Adapting your blog posts into a Kindle ebook is a fast and easy way to leverage your expertise and get paid for it!

Positioning yourself as an author is one of the best ways to build credibility and visibility on the Web. Turning blog content into a Kindle ebook may seem daunting and confusing, but it doesn't have to be.

Learn from Blogging/Social Media Guru Denise Wakeman

My colleague Denise Wakeman, has presented a one-time, live 90-minute training webinar called “From Blog to eBook: How to Create New Revenue Streams with Amazon’s Kindle Ebook Program.” I have been a long-time affiliate of Denise's products because she always delivers practical, useful, and easy-to-understand information at a great price. Since the webinar is recorded, you can listen to it at your convenience, and you'll get access to bonus links and downloads.

Registration Details Here:


What you'll learn:

  • The difference between repurposing and syndication
  • Why you should repurpose your blog content
  • A simple 13 step process to create an ebook from your blog
  • How to build your list with a Kindle ebook
  • 3 ways to promote your ebook on Amazon, the largest ecommerce site on the Web

Plus much more…

This is NOT a preview webinar with a pitch for a big ticket product at the end. This is a training webinar. Denise is frequently asked to share this information. This is info she usually only shares privately with her clients and now you can benefit too.

The webinar was recorded on July 18, 2012. When you purchase,  you will get the video and audio replays plus a transcript and a pdf of the slides.

Get webinar details HERE.

Whether you're ready now or plan later to publish an ebook from your exisiting content, this webinar will give you the steps for getting started so you can see how simple it can be, stop procrastinating, stop waiting for perfection, and take immediate action! 🙂

Register here today.

Don't worry that the webinar live date is past. You'll still get everything the live attendees got.

If you still need help after listening to this webinar, call me at 540-436-3969. I've helped several authors self-publish their books, and I'd love to help you too.

 Photo Credit: Woman holding Kindle by Dmitry Lobanov via 


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